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Lauren Kelly album coverAbout Lauren Kelly

After her first year of attending college at Miami University (Oxford, OH), Lauren Kelly discovered that her desire to pursue the arts didn’t stop with the use of her voice and watercolors. She picked up the guitar and began to learn how to play, as she wanted to worship with something other than her vocal chords. Having no stringed-instrument background, Lauren decided to write her own music and lyrics in order to capture the many dreams and imaginations of her heart. From there, the pages of her heart began to unfold and were open to the world to experience.

Lauren exists to make the dark places light, the cold places warm, and the broken places whole through the power of the Holy Spirit that is at work inside of her and those who have joined the intimate family of God’s Kingdom. She wishes to see things on Earth as they are in Heaven and watch Heaven and Earth meet as she brings people to the feet of Jesus.

Music in Israel Orphanage  Lauren Kelly